Nature Force aspires to create artistic designs that serve to enhance awareness and respect for our planet's precious natural resources. To assist in achieving this mission many of our designs incorporate Registered Trademarks.



Extinction is Forever™

It is with this message that Nature Force strives to encourage genuine concern for the Earth's resources and wildlife.
Extinction is Forever™





Board Meeting™

A light-hearted look at sports through the eyes of award-winning artists. Currently available in water surfing and hockey themes.

Board Meeting™



Keep it Pure

For too long our oceans, lakes and rivers continue to bear the consequences of being treated as dumping grounds for countless toxic pollutants. Reputable publications such as National Geographic, Canadian Geographic and Macleans magazine publish research that reveals shocking evidence of the tragic effects of senseless polluting.

Just Add Water™





Canada is home to approximately 25% of the world’s wetlands – the largest wetland area in the world! About 14% of Canada is covered by wetlands. These fragile freshwater habitats are under severe threat by drainage, land reclamation, pollution, overuse and human development.

The Great Lakes, formed from a glacier nearly twenty thousand years ago during the Ice Age, are the largest system of fresh surface water on earth, containing roughly 18% of the world's fresh surface water.


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