Nature force offers customized presentations for grades 4-12. Our innovative and interactive presentations can be utilized in the elementary and secondary levels to aid in the delivery of science, technology and geography curriculum.

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"Gerry Croxall performed an Oceans and Science Presentation at Eagle Heights school. Mr. Croxall's firsthand account of his association with the ocean and creatures that live there, left our students spellbound. His incredible photography and narration brought a sense of awe seldom matched in a presentation of this kind. Delivering his message of how much the oceans impact our lives was given added authority by virtue of the fact that it was Mr. Croxall, who captured much of the imagery. He was there! Another measure of his presentation was the degree to which our students included the oceans, the sharks and the other creatures in their discussions, artwork and writings. Should the opportunity ever present itself, Mr. Croxall's presentation will provide your students and staff a rare, personal glimpse above and below the waves."

Dan Lavery, Principal
Eagle Heights



"At Clara Brenton, we have had Gerry Croxall in on a couple of occasions to present to the entire student body. His Oceans and Science presentations have a focus on ocean habitat, sealife, the hydrological cycle and water systems. The importance of environmental awareness and preservation of our water sources are featured throughout the presentations – the photography is terrific! His presentations, though different for the primary, junior and intermediate divisions, proved to be worthwhile learning opportunities for our students."

Les Howarth, Thames Valley District School Board




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